The display plugin RSG2_Plugin_DisplayGallery is used to display any gallery with any template in any Joomla content like articles or components that supports content plugins.  Make sure to publish the plugin in the plugin manager and lowercase your template names. In the following pages you will see examples of the display plugin in action.

Installation instructions:

  • Download the RSG2_Plugin_DisplayGallery plugin.
  • install the plugin using the Joomla Extensions install utility.
  • ENABLE the new RSG2_Plugin_DisplayGallery plugin with the Joomla backend plugin manager.

Using the plugin:

The syntax for the usage of the plugin is: 
{rsg2_display:  templatename, GID}


  • templatename is a parameter string for setting the RSGallery2 template (usually "semantic")
  • GID is a parameter integer to specify the gallery to display.

How-to detemine the GID?

Browse to the (sub)gallery of RSGallery2 you want to display. In this example we use the sub gallery of the first gallery with different SEF settings:


The three (3) in the URL's above are the GID.


  • The template name is the directoryname found at \JOOMLAROOT\components\com_rsgallery2\templates\).
  • If you use different templates on the same page that use different versions of the same Javascript libraries, you will probably have display issues.
  • Pagination in the plugin doesn't work at the moment of writing.