First steps to apply changes to config/galleries/iamges for j4x format

  • Galleries are now organized in a nested list
  • Images need different gallery IDs (+1) for changed galleries
  • Configuration variables will be reorganized according to development "ideas" 

We achieved now the download function of images. Which includes the creating of galleries.

By the way we intend to change the directory structure of the images. Whereas in the past the images of all galleries were written into one folder now each gallery will get its own folder where the images are kept per "type" in sub folders. The old J3x style will still be valid.

Have patience and stay with us.


The developer intents to recode most features and get read of the heavy J!1.5/J!2.5 sources.

The control panel is already present.

Uups it is already autumn and not much has been published. 

That doesn't mean we havent't been busy.

  • We did check the modules and plugins. 
  • We developed a build system which creates a release on one click for all components 
  • We had a look on some slideshow liraries to include them

Actually we do replace the slideshow "...Parth..." with a jquery version as first step to J!4x

We approached and improved several angles (see branches) but where not able to relaes a consitent version

The development team run up one and the other alley for the next release. We began with changing the site gallery code to the form of J3x and found the task too big to be done within time. We stumbled over the fact that the actual version provides a system to install own gallery views and own slideshows. So these systems were explored and improved to some degrees. 

Actually we are following two goals.

  1. Improve Html output to use J3x bootstrap
  2. Add second gallery template and second slideshow

Therefore we are copying some new created code in master branch to actual code which will lead to a smaller change for the next release.

So the master branch got out of tune and will be put to the side soon. Actuall improved branch is b_release_4_4_2