As the goal of Drag and Drop Uploading is finished the development changes now to the front end side.The code will be rewritten to match standard J3x behavior so user can override layouts by them self. So old css layouts shall still exist. Parallel we will add new responsible layouts which can be swlectet as menu or in modules and plugins. We will keep in mind that a transition to J!4 is due shortly. Sadly the change to J!3x is the basis for this. For J4x we may or better we are willing to throw out ild legacy code.

Currently i am working on the revision of the complete documentation.

Some parts must be updated to match the latest version of the software.

Ok, some parts may still be unclear when I'm done, but in general it should cover the backend pretty much

The next develop step may be the move of the configuratio to the standard place in Joomla!

The work of the last year is ready. 
The upload of files in the backend got revisited and re-coded
* It is now possible to upload files with drag and drop. 
* You may turn or flip the image afterwards
A matching documentation will follow within the next weeks on
1. Select an existing gallery 
2. Drag and drop a batch of files into the drag area (tried more the 40 at once)
These will be uploaded and assigned to the gallery which needs time.
3. If you want to annotate text or change the titles then you can press button "Add image properties" 
   A window with all actually uploaded images will appear where you can change the title and description
   The images can be turned or flipped there also.

After some hard work a beta version of the drag and drop upload function will be ready soon. 

In the following image you may see a preview of the upload page with ten uploaded images 


To get rid of old parts loading too much bytes we need to replace the second upload pages. So we look if it is feasible to apply drag and drop of images upload. This will need some time if the effort is not too great and can be done in a timely manner.