Galleries List View

Image List view batch processing

(1) Number in list


(2) Select gallery

The topmost rectangle selects all galleries which is useful for batch processing The selector beside the gallery information selects this gallery

(3) Status

A green 'OK' tell that the image is published. (Otherwise red)

(4) Gallery name

A click on the name leads to edit view of the selected gallery

(5) images

Tells the count of images inside the gallery
The arrow on the right side will open the image list view with the gallery images

(6) Parent ID

A sub gallery does tell about its parent gallery

(7) Access


(8) Author

The author logged in when creating the gallery

(9) Gallery order

Image List view batch processing

(1) Order number

The order number of the gallery may be increased or decreased or set manually.

(2) Save Order

On click the order numbers are saved. Any mismatch like double entries will be aligned


    Exchange numbers: Previous: A:12 B:11 C:13. Write destination numbers and click save into the three controls. Result: A:11 B12: C:13

(3) Ordering of sub galleries

The sub gallery order number is dependend on the place (order) of the parent gallery. A sub gallery will always be ordered direct behind the parent gallery.

(10) Date & time

Creation Time of gallery

(11) Hits

Count of views / appearances

(12) ID

Internal ID of image for reference or matching in other list

Gallery(s) task buttons

Image List view batch processing

(1) New

Creates a new gallery. Leads to edit view of the new selected image

(2) Edit

Leads to edit view of one selected gallery

(3) Delete

Will delete all selected items. On yes of the follow up question the image is deleted. Attention it is deleted immediately and not saved in the trash

(4) Publish

Assign published to the selected images

(5) Unpublish

Assign unpublished to the selected images

Galleries search options

Image List view batch processing

(1) Activate search controls

(2) Select author

Only galleries of the selected author will be shown

(3) Select access type

Only galleries of the selected access type will be shown.
Types: Public, Guest, Registered, Special, Super users

(4) Columns sorting

Defines the column the list will be sorted by and also the direction

(5) Limit per page

It defines the count of image which will be shown on one page