Images list view

Image list columns

Image List view batch processing

(1) Number in list


(2) Select image

The topmost rectangle selects all images which is useful for batch processing The selector beside the image information selects this image

(3) Status

A green 'OK' tell that the image is published. (Otherwise red)

(4) Image title

Title displayed to user in views if enabled.
The title of the image may be different to the image file name. It will be preset with image name on upload and changes with the property edit or on single image edit.

(5) Image name

Real file name used on the server

(6) Parent gallery name

Each image is assigned to a gallery

(7) Image order

Image List view batch processing

(1) Order number

The order number of the image may be increased or decreased or set manually.

(2) Save Order

On click the order numbers are saved. Any mismatch like double entries will be aligned


Exchange numbers: Previous: A:12 B:11 C:13. Write destination numbers and click save into the three controls. Result: A:11 B12: C:13

(8) Date and time

The date and time will be assigned on upload with the upload time

(9) Votes

The value will be between 0..5. It is calculated by Rating / Votes

(11) Rating

Total of all votes

(12) Hits

Count of views / appearances

(13) ID

Internal ID of image for reference or matching in other list

(14a) !!! Hover on image title

Hovering over the image title will show the thumb of the image as tool tip

(14b) !!! Click on image title

A click on the image title will lead to the edit view of the image

Image(s) task buttons

Image List view batch processing

(1) Publish

Assign published to the selected images

(2) Unpublish

Assign unpublished to the selected images

(3) Edit

Leads to edit view of one selected image

(4) Delete

Will delete all selected items. On yes of the follow up question the image is deleted. Attention it is deleted immediately and not saved in the trash

(5) Upload

Go to the upload, Go directly there. Do not go over the control panel ;-)

(6) Reset Hits

Resets the hits of the selected Images

(7) Batch

Add the selected images to the task list and start the batch form

Possible batch tasks:

  • Move image(s) to gallery
  • Copy image(s) to gallery
  • Add (change) properties to image(s)

See below

Image(s) search options

The search options follow the standard search behavior of Joomla!

Image List view batch processing

(1) Activate search controls

(2) Select gallery

Only image of the selected gallery will be shown

(3) Columns sorting

Defines the column the list will be sorted by and also the direction

(4) Limit per page

It defines the count of image which will be shown on one page

Images: Batch process to add properties

In the images list view images can be selected for batch processing. The following image shows the possible selections which appear after clicking the batch button

Image List view batch processing

(1) Select Gallery

Select a gallery as destination for copy or move of selected images

(2) Add properties

This button leads to the properties form (See below) and will open the selected images. The title and description can be changed for a batch of images. also image can be flipped and rotated there.

(3) Move to

Batch processing: The selected images can be moved to the selected gallery

(4) Copy to

Batch processing: The selected images can be copied to the selected gallery

Properties uploaded Files

Upload startview

This form enables to set the properties title and description for a batch of images at the same time. It is normally reached over the upload form. It can also be reached with selected images over the batch button in the images list form

(1) Title

The title is preset on creation. It may be edited here. The title may be different to the uploaded image name when the name already existed. Then the next free number is appended.

(2) Gallery

The gallery name can't be changed in this part

(3) Description

The description may be changed with the standard editor like in the edit single image form. Sadly this leads to a very high edit block which creates a ugly layout.

(4) Save

Save changes and continue edit on the same images

(5) Save & Close

Save changes and leave the form to the image list

(6) Cancel

Ignore the changes and leave the form

(7) Delete

All or some image can be selected for deleting. (See (8) and (9)) Clicking on the delete button will delete the selected images from the RSGallery2 database and the created image files

(8) Rotate left

Rotates selected images 90 degrees against the clock

(9) Rotate right

Rotates selected images 90 degrees with the clock

(10) Rotate 180

Rotates selected images 180 degrees.

(11) Flip horizontal

Flips the selected images horizontal. The bits move from left to right. The bottom of the image keeps being the bottom

(12) Flip vertical

Flips the selected images vertical. The bits move from bottom to top. The left/right side of the image keeps being the left/right side

(13) Select all

All images will get a set hook in the box below the image (See also (14)) This can be used to delete, rotate or flip selected images.

(14) Select image

The image will get a set hook in the box below the image This can be used to delete, rotate or flip selected images.